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December 31, 2009

Menopause Weight Gain

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Menopause marks an end to a woman’s child bearing potential. With it comes raging hormones, which are sometimes responsible for psychological effects such as anxiety, fatigue and even depression. During this time, a woman may experience an increased appetite, which not only makes her eat more, but also gain weight. Some women retain water that is usually the case thus resulting to weight gain. However, the weight gain experienced menopause is usually temporary and a woman can easily go back to her normal weight after her hormones stabilize. Below are the major causes of menopause weight gain:

  • Hormonal imbalance: A woman’s estrogen levels drop during menopause. The body reacts to the declining levels by holding on to the body’s fat cells because this is the main storage for estrogen in the human body. This leads to women at this biological stage gaining weight, and also makes loosing weight an extremely difficult task.
  • Psychological reasons: Some medics tie this with decreasing estrogen levels. However, the knowledge that one may no longer be as biological fruitful as they would like to be, can be devastating for some women. As such, some become depressed, anxious and fatigued. Women who fail to manage their emotions well can have imbalanced bodily functions such as slow metabolic rates and may also engage in comfort eating as a way of dealing with their depressing conditions. This in turn leads to unhealthy weight gain. Once a woman is able to handle the psychological conditions well, she is most likely to go back to normal weight.

pre-menopause weight gain

weight gain during menopause



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