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December 31, 2009

Weight Gain during Pregnancy

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Weight gain is about the first thing a pregnant woman notices even before she confirms that she is indeed pregnant. It is quite natural that a woman adds some healthy amount of weight during pregnancy. This is as a result of the baby growing inside her, increase of body fluids such as blood, and the amniotic fluid, and the growth of the placenta.  During pregnancy, women also tend to eat more, which accounts for a substantial amount of weight gain. Pregnant women should try to keep their weight gain within healthy weight margin. This is ideally between 25 and 35 pounds for women within healthy weight margins, underweight women on the other hand should add a minimum of 28 pounds and a maximum of 40 pounds.  Overweight women should ideally gain at least 15 pounds and should not exceed 25 pounds, while it is recommended that obese women gain at least 11 pounds. They however should not exceed 20 pounds.

  • First trimester (1-3 months): All pregnant women, regardless of their weight should ideally add 4½ pounds.
  • Women weighing within the healthy weight margins should at least add a pound every week for the next six months
  • Underweight women should gain an excess of one pound a week after the first trimester
  • Overweight women should on the other hand gain ½ pounds each week after the first  trimester
  • Obese women should gain slightly below the ½ pounds mark weekly after the first three months of their pregnancy.

Weight gain marks a healthy progression of the pregnancy. Without it, a woman doctor should have a cause to worry because it may halter the normal development of the baby. It may also signify that there is something wrong with the pregnancy. In such cases, one should seek a doctor’s opinion on the same.

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