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December 31, 2009

Weight Gain Pills

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Weight gain pills are produced by drug companies for purposes of helping lean people gain weight. Their efficiency, just like the diet pills used by some overweight people, is controversial. Some nutritionists state that the pills are not efficient at all. Some proponents of their use however maintain that the pills are effective. One thing that comes across in this debate is that whether they work or not, they alone cannot be expected to increase a person’s chances at gaining healthy weight. As such, they need to be used with a combination of right weight gain diets and a regular exercise regimen.

  • One category of  weight gain pills works by increasing a person’s appetite. It has been established in different researches that lean people rarely eat enough food to guarantee weight gain. By increasing their appetites, the weight-gain pills prompt them to eat more thus upping their chances of gaining weight.
  • Decreasing the metabolic rate: A different category of weight-gain pills decreases one metabolism, thus increasing the time that food stays in the digestive system. Poor weight gainers have high metabolic rates, a condition that is believed to play a part in their poor weight gain efforts.

Most weight gain pills are laden with multi-vitamins. In fact, there is a sneaky suspicion among nutritionists that the pills are actually re-packaged multi-vitamins. This is because the nutritional contents in the pills and the multi-vitamins are almost similar. As such, they act to enhance one’s appetite, as well as improve one’s immunity by providing the necessary mineral and nutritional requirements to a person.


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