Weight Gain Tips

December 31, 2009

Weight Gain Supplements

The market is awash with hundreds of weight gain supplements all promising lean people the perfect solution to their weight gain efforts. The question however remains, do the weight gain supplements really work? The truth is some do, but a majority does not. As such, one needs to be extra careful when purchasing and using the supplements.

  • Start by taking weight gain supplements that contain multivitamins.  This are good in ensuring that your body gets the minerals and vitamins required for healthy living and also discourages infections which may hinder weight-gain efforts.
  • Look out for supplements that contain protein blends. Such include creatine and glutamine.  Creatine is found in specific red meats or fish, but human are rarely able to get the right amounts because most of it is destroyed during food cooking. As such, finding the concentrated creatine in weight gain supplements is advisable. Creatine helps in weight gain by encourage water retention in the body and enhancing the production of Adenosine Triphosphate. Glutamine on the other hand works by regulating the synthesis of proteins, accelerating the synthesis of glycogen as a person works out and sparing glycogen use. Glutamine also helps in encouraging the healing of muscles after weight training.

For weight gain supplements to have a maximum effect on a person, they should be taken in the right proportions and at the right time. Supplements like glutamine are best taken after a work out routine. The dosage differs from one person to the other depending on just how much weight they hope to gain. Ideally however, one should start with small doses and observe the effect that the same has on them.


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