Weight Gain Tips

December 31, 2009

Weight Gain Tips

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Gaining weight is no mean feat. Lean people who have been working for years on end without much success can attest to this. Weight gain people are anyone whose Body Mass index falls below the 18.5 mark. However, not much is discussed about weight gain because, the society has been conditioned to think that overweight is the real problem while underweight is not. The bitter truth however is that underweight people realize the disadvantages of having too little weight and has thus been struggling to add the extra KGs.  Here are some helping weight gain tips.

  • Consume more calories
  • Make healthy dietary choices.  Prefer whole meal foods over processed foods
  • Increase your protein consumption. Remember that your body requires sufficient proteins in order to build muscle.
  • Consume healthy snacks in between meals. These can be anything from yogurt, dried fruits, muffins or milk shakes.  Avoid junk food that can easily pass as snacks.
  • Drink lots of fluids. Although water is important, you also need to drink milk, energy drinks and fruit juices, which will give your body a fast supply of energy and nutrients.
  • Exercise right. Aerobics are not necessarily good for weight gainers. However, weight lifting is because it encourages muscle growth. Weight lifting targets the large group of muscles. Free weights are especially recommended since they pressurize the muscles hence stimulating muscle fibers.
  • Use some of the proven weight-gain supplements such as creatine.
  • Be consistent in your weight gain plan. This is especially so because the human body responds well to consistent schedules.
  • Finally, do not let genetics discourage you. Consistent weight-gain plan can overcome genetic predisposition that may hinder your weight gain efforts.

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