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October 7, 2010

Body mass index

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Body mass index

The most important tool to define your ideal body weight is Body mass index. Body mass index is calculated based on height and weight of men and women. It is used all over the world to calculate obesity.

BMI <20 Underweight
BMI 20-24.99 Normal healthy individuals usually young and middle aged
BMI 23-28 Older adults normal and healthy weight
BMI 25-29.9 Overweight
BMI >30 Obesity
BMI 40 Extremely overweight

Underweight people have Body mass index below 20.Body mass index 20-24.99 range is observed in normal healthy individuals usually young and middle aged. The persons having Body mass index within this range have lower risks of diseases. For older adults, Body mass index 23-28 is normal and denotes healthy weight. Weight gain can be maintained by good eating habits and exercise. Individuals with Body mass index above 25 -29.9 are overweight .They have slight risk of diseases like high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases. They should reduce weight by weight loss exercises, and low calorie diet. Persons having Body mass index above 30 indicates obesity and highest risk to cardiovascular diseases. Diabetic persons should control sugar levels to reduce weight. Body mass index 40 and above persons are extremely overweight and it is life threatening.

Calculation of BMI

1. Imperial BMI formula-When the weight is measured in pounds and height in inches, Imperial BMI formula can be used.

BMI (lbs/inches2) =weight in pounds *703/height in inches *inches

2. Metric BMI formula-When the weight is measured in kilograms and height in cms, Metric BMI formula can be used.

BMI (kg/m2) =weight in kgs/height in m*m

Example- Weight-80kgs, Height-1.8 meters, BMI is 24.69

Though you can use above formulas to calculate BMI, the range can differ in various countries.

As BMI increases, the risk of many diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis and many cancers increases.

Disadvantage of BMI

In case of muscular individuals and athletes, BMI may be described as obese as BMI does not calculate fat to muscle ratio. This is the disadvantage of BMI formula in case of healthy muscular man.

Hence others factors like waist-to-height ratio and percent body fat are also important for determining healthy weight of an individual.


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