Weight Gain Tips

April 15, 2011

Top tips to gain weight the healthy way

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You may be wondering if there is any necessity for special care for gaining weight. Yes, for a healthy Weight Gain it is essential that you follow few steps that allow you to have proper growth without any side effects. Most of the young people, usually the late teens, are highly worried about their physique. It is right for them to worry at their age as this is the age where their growth occurs naturally and fast. In order to gain weight in a healthy manner, the following can be considered as the top tips to be followed.

  • Early to Rise
  • 45 Minutes of good exercise
  • Quality Breakfast including milk and fruits
  • Sumptuous protein rich Lunch
  • A good Snack break with milk and fruits
  • Well balanced Diet

Getting up early in the morning allows you time for exercise and many other jobs apart from activation of the body metabolism at the right time. Quality breakfast consisting of whole wheat bread and butter or Rotis is recommended. Fruits like bananas help make the process of weight gaining faster. A Protein Rich lunch should include few carbohydrates and more protein which can be furnished by rotis and pulses. Healthy weight gain prevents you from getting obese which usually happen in most of the cases. One should always avoid intake of junk and fast foods in order to gain weight. With a proper physique one will feel majestic in the crowd and will have elevated confidence levels. A healthy weight gain should occur gradually over a period of time.


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