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May 3, 2011

Weight gainers and Mass Gainers

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Weight gainers or mass gainers are particularly important for sportsmen and growing children. These are food supplements to be taken under medical supervision especially for growing children. Sportsmen also are habituated to taking these weight gain supplements as they are rich in carbohydrate and protein.

Growing kids and sports persons have higher metabolic rates than average. It is important that they stay under a monitored weight gain diet. Food substances rich in protein and carbohydrates are a must for people that have fast metabolism. Rice, wheat flour, and potato are weight gain foods perfect for physically active individuals. These food substances rich in carbohydrate break down fast to release energy so essential for vigorously active persons and children.

Protein is another constituent vital for tissue building. Protein could be derived from plants as well as flesh. Leguminous plants like gram, beans and peas are rich sources of plant protein. Animal protein could be derived from meat, eggs, and milk. Lean meat is particularly beneficial as they are devoid of the detrimental constituents present in red meat. Milk is a complete weight gain food and a perfect diet for sportsmen, children and active adults.

Artificial weight gainers should only be taken under advice from medical practitioners or trained sports doctors. They are to be taken as supplements to normal diets and not as stand alone food substances.


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