Weight Gain Tips

June 7, 2011

10 Weight Gain tips for skinny Guys

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Are you a guy upset with your body weight and seeking some weight gain processes?  Here are ten useful tips for you. Have a look.

1.            You need more calories. Eat at least five meals a day. Include high calorie foods in your meals. Better you go to a dietician and get a proper diet chart for healthy weight gain and Follow this conscientiously.

2.            Your meals must be full with a large amount of protein like fish, egg and chicken. It helps in building your muscles.

3.            Start your day with a glass of full cream milk. It would surely make you strong and healthy.

4.            Snacking is also important. Eat lots of cheese cubs and dried fruits. They have immense role in making you strong and muscular.

5.            Drink lots of fluids which consist of fruit juices, milkshakes, and water. It helps keep your body feet and glowing.

6.            Get admitted into a Yoga centre. There are certain yoga exercises which help in building body mass and muscles.

7.            Instead of yoga, you can go to a gymnasium where you can get help of an expert and some proper instruments as well.

8.            Whether be it your diet schedule or workout practice, be consistent in your regular routine to get proper and quicker result.

9.            It is said that Keratin supplements have weight gaining properties. If you want to gain weight, tryout some. These are available in any food store.

10.          Live a balanced and healthy life. Without which it is impossible to have a healthy body and mind.

So above are some essential weight gain tips exclusively for you. Follow them and get a healthier body soon.


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