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August 24, 2011

Weight Gain can be achieved with Herbal Supplements

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Just like weight gain is a menace among people today, being underweight is also a matter of huge concern among masses. The problem of being underweight can be addressed by certain herbal supplements. Apart from the natural remedies like improving digestion and liver functioning you can also go for herbal products like Gentian which is a very good herb for weight gain. Though bitter in taste, it helps you to increase your appetite and helps to modulate the gastronomical tract of your body.

Dandelion Root is another bitter tonic treating poor appetite and hence stimulating digestion. Ginger Root is another such similar constituent. The consumption of the herb Aswagandha two times a day with a glass of water can help you palliate stress, increase your body’s resistance and performs as an anabolic agent.

Creatine is an herbal product used by body builders and athletes to increase their body and muscle mass to a great extent. A long term use of this product may give birth to certain side effects. The entire Vitamin A and Vitamin B family helps you to gain weight and composure. Among other homemade herbal products there is rasyan, soonth and shatavri which help you to increase weight. Before using herbal supplements you should prepare a healthy diet plan in advance so that you don’t miss out nourishment along with weight gain.


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