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September 8, 2011

How Much Weight Gain during PMS

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PMS also known as pre-menstrual stress syndrome is responsible for a collection of physical and emotional symptoms in women. PMS usually occurs 7-10 days prior to menses and vanishes shortly before or just after the menstrual flow starts.The symptoms however might vary from one woman to another. The emotional symptoms include anger, irritability, anxiety, depression and mood swings. The physical symptoms include fatigue, bloating, breast tenderness and so on. Weight gain is also one of the symptoms during PMS. How much weight women gain during PMS? To find out, read on.

When that time of the month is near, women begin to wonder how much weight they are going to put on. A sense of discomfort comes from the bloating and many believe that they have put on a lot of weight. Not to worry because the truth is there is only a difference of 2-4 pounds not more that. Women tend to over eat during PMS as change in appetite and cravings for food are also prominent symptoms during PMS. Therefore one must watch how much she is eating during PMS. The weight that women put on is basically due to water retention. But the water that is retained comes off during menstruation. However there are a couple of things one can do. The amount of sodium intake should be restricted and drinking a lot of water helps. One must always keep in mind that it’s the boating that makes one feel as if she is gaining a lot of weight. It’s is temporary. So stop worrying needlessly.

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